BBNG’s “Talk Memory” Is GoodGoodNotBad

After 5 years without a new album, BadBadNotGood announced an album being in the works in July 2021 via twitter. And on October 8th we are finally getting a full length project from the hip hop jazz collective. The band, known for working with some of the biggest artist in the rap game like Ghostface Killah, Kendrick Lamar and MF Doom, has consistently developed their style throughout their releases but “Talk Memory”, is a stark change in direction. Much more raw and intense, the band plays fervently but with direction and purposeful composition. A collection of their normal sound but stripped down to it’s essence and rebuilt from the bottom up the album is good from beginning to end. Marking their first release since the departure of founding member Matthew Tavares, Chester Hansen has stepped up to fill the gap in their lineup more than adequately providing what might otherwise have been missing off the album playing the piano, organ and synthesizers.


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