AUSTIN VIBE: Turn Back The Clocks Sunday

Yes, its that time of year again.  You will either get an extra hour or sleep…or an extra hour to be productive.  The annual (and some say outdated, but…) ‘Fall Back‘, where clocks set back an hour at 2 A.M.

Mind you, some people (not saying I’m included, but that’s insignificant) use the extra hour at a bar/club to revel with friends.  Hoping its a busy night for Uber/Lyft and responsible friends who agree to be the evening’s designated driver (probably a good idea to tip this invaluable friend).

The culprits who use the ‘fall back’ or ‘spring forward’ can’t rely on this occurrence as an excuse to be late for work.  That only applies in the spring.  From personal experience, I will admit to knowing this.

However you choose to spend your “extra hour”, we hope we tune in to our new radio station for a spell or two.  Thank you for reading our blog!


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